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03:13pm 28/06/2008
Hi Journal!
It's been a few months; but I've not forgotten about you. I even tried writing you a few times... maybe i tried too hard? Anyway, we've some catching up to do...

I'm keeping well so far, I think. Going into week #3 of the new job (read: the new faculty) now, I'm liking the change in scene, and i know i'm good at what i do. The money is quite a significant increase too... i don't know, between that and the Wednesday-afternoon job, I feel like i'm worth something?

Living in 2x homes is also a change; but it's not a bad thing. I'm still managing to do all of the regular stuffs that I love and that keep me sane - like sometimes play soccer and walk/ride to work, or occasionally practice drinking tea or yoga. In the meantimes there's been some quietly special stuff, like the animation festival at acmi, or graduating... like nice films at the sun, or health festivals at the exhibition center. Seeing Kim&Zac again was great; as was playing vibes in duncan's ensemble thing.

Stuffs with joy have been really quite lovely too. She's had so much on her plate to deal with; and yet she's still managing to keep just about everyone happy - from work and her family, through to her friends, and none the least me. We've been supporting each other a lot through stuff, and it's shaping up to be a really fun winter with her.

So that's pretty much me for just now. In reflection, I do think i've changed a lot in the past 12 months; i guess it's kinda nice to have some things pan out... the way you want them to be. A little. The weather's getting cool (but not wet), although the north winds are cool for once - so i figure that's something. Nearly the end of the tram line for me.....
mood: happyhappy
music: blackstreet - no digitty
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