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don't go out of control - go out of town  
12:03am 21/11/2008
Hi Journal,

Just got back from a lovely, cozy, relaxing kind of a mid-week escapade to a quiet country town not far from here. It was a place where the air was clean, the accomodation was cozy, the food was fresh, and the hills were quiet.

It was such a great idea (in fact, a really intelligent one) to get out the city, and spend some time doing nothing and lazying about with my girl. Now it concequentially feels like a Sunday night (it's thursday), i'm a bit out of touch with all of whatever else has been going on in November, and that feels great. I can recall November as being a busy month. Band gigs and soccer, my2x jobs, extra music work and of course Syntax (more on that later)... but that's about all that comes to mind right now.

oh, and the massage yesterday was super :D
mood: mellowmellow
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