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video help?  
12:05am 20/04/2009
So I'm trying to encode and then convert AVIs to DVD, and finding myself more than a bit lost..... pun intended. Yep, I'm singing the codec blues. Anyone got any tips other than 'start with the highest quality file you can'? Any favourite codecs? Settings for those codecs?

Half of my source files are coming from hardware, the other two are coming from a) MPEG4 @ DivX 5 3350kbps, and b) XViD @ 4674 kbps {both 30fps and 5:4 ratio, of course}.
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09:13am 20/04/2009 (UTC)
OK - lets get this right... AVI's (or whatever) to DVD yeah?

Well theres your CODEC set for you. DVD uses MPEG2 CODEC - which for pal is 720 x 576 at 25fps. Although you may be better off making NTSC DVD's if the source is 30fps. Either way, I'd use a package called SUPER... which is free (personal choice would be to run it through Procoder 3 and Edius to get super clean upscale, then mark up chapters and "Print to DVD" but it's way overkill)

Get Super from: http://www.afterdawn.com/software/video_software/video_encoders/super.cfm

Then you just drop the files in and choose DVD Standard COmplient as your transcode settings and it should automatically make a compatible video object transport stream (VOB file). I'm not sure if it sets up a transport stream folder and associated identifier files (aka. VIDEO_TS folder and the IFO and BUP files to match). So you might need to drop that VOB into some kind of DVD authoring package to burn the final disk.

There is also an "Automode VCD/SVCD/DVD" drop down in super that might make a fully complient DVD disc ready to go. I've never tried it but worth a go!!

:-) cTrix

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