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song in my head  
12:24am 29/05/2008
This gets a mention; song has been in my head all week

yes, the singer looks like Jesus.
mood: decentdecent
music: supertramp - the logical song
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(no subject)  
06:03pm 11/05/2008
Where were you at 10PM last night?
hmm..Collapse )
mood: relaxedrelaxed
music: UBU Radio presents George Maciunas - Beuys Paik - In Memorium
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(no subject)  
10:06pm 29/04/2008
I just had one of those days that begin with work being unbelievably stressful and horrible.. the ones where you throw yourself in taxis because you gotta get places quick... the ones that make you realise you've forgotten your lunch half way through the day. And the ones that end with you on your best friend's sofa, all snuggled up and warm and treated to a delcious, spontaneous curry at their place, "just because".
mood: lovedloved
music: strauss - blue danube waltz
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very quick update  
09:12pm 24/04/2008
Now working two (well, sort of three), jobs now.. having started at ANAM.
mood: busybusy
music: various - demovibes 7
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(no subject)  
08:28pm 10/04/2008
1) Where is the person you love most right now?
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mood: comfortablecomfortable
music: the whitlams - life's a beach
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February and March and everything.  
11:37pm 31/03/2008
Someone very wise (and friendly) once told me that the feeling of missing another is to be looked at as a good thing. It's quite a firmly rooted emotion; and it's something that reminds us we are human.

here's what's been happening...Collapse )
mood: refreshedrefreshed
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in depth  
11:27pm 27/03/2008
This report compares scott_mr_scotty from the country Australia to other adult men. (The name used in this report is either a nickname chosen by the person taking the test, or, if a valid nickname was not chosen, a random nickname generated by the program.) This report estimates the individual's level on each of the five broad personality domains of the Five-Factor Model. The description of each one of the five broad domains is followed by a more detailed description of personality according to the six subdomains that comprise each domain.

John A. Johnson wrote descriptions of the five domains and thirty subdomains. These descriptions are based on an extensive reading of the scientific literature on personality measurement. Although Dr. Johnson would like to be acknowledged as the author of these materials if they are reproduced, he has placed them in the public domain.

”extraversion…”Collapse )
mood: mellow, tiredmellow, tired
music: missy higgins - any day now
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(no subject)  
03:07am 27/03/2008
it's really late.. like 3:30am late. I"m just watching the rest of my score pour out of the printer. So glad it's finished, and that it looks good.

I'm due for a real post soon... and there will be one; as soon as I get back from my few days in the country, this weekend. Today was (questionably) the 1x month anniversary of my girl and I. I say questionably because... well, I'm dating Joy again.

Anyway other than tired as hell I'm really good. Work's been good and times have been musical. In there was easter and other things as well. I got my freaking organ work finished. Today Joy suprised me with Mindcandy DVDs. She's such a wonderful soul who's making life just.. stupendo.. right now.

*checking printer* FINALLY we are duplexing and the right order and the right way up. Karma owes me a quiet day at work tomorrow...
mood: blah blah blah blahblah blah blah blah
music: ravel - pavane
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Congratulations Scott - You are a chosen one!  
06:17pm 21/03/2008
probably the most comprehensive test results I've seen...Collapse )
mood: happyhappy
music: chicago - 25 of 6 to 4
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jewels; whilst I think of it  
05:04pm 21/03/2008
twin plaza metals, on LEVEL 12 of the Wales corner, are extremely wonderful
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