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update o'clock  
10:50pm 10/08/2008
Hi there Journal! :)

mmm what to say. It's been a long time between drinks...

Well, for a start, there's no way i could have pictured myself where i am now, 6 months ago. It's been a year so far that's been both quietly quiet, and has had some significant stuff happened also. Right now I love the place i'm in - both spatially (parkville) and metaphorical. Life's a beach.

Work's been going really well. I'm now coming into the home strait of a 3-month contract with a different faculty, working out of Old Arts (think of it as 3x months of temp work). For a position that I was initially not going to apply for (my old boss put me up to it), it's turned out to be a really quite good change of scene, and I'm quite sure now that I'll stay with them, should they offer me a further contract - i think they will.

The work itself is basically the same as what I was before, with some subtle differences. Basically, i'm still in a desktop support team but also a lab manager now. Esentially it's very similar. The people aren't quite as lovely as at SPH (they were massive shoes to fill), but it's still quite a manageable environment - and the extra pay is a nice addition too.

Other work (the wednesday job) has been going quite well also - being an IT manager has added level of stress sometimes, but despite the ups and downs i always manage to get through. I do like my time there.


Beneath all this has of course been my wonderful girl. Things with her and me are going really great. I simply don't think i've ever been this comfortable around anyone... she's just my best friend and her company is the best. We laugh with each other so much...

Of course, like all couples there's a fair amount of work involved. We have our own little issues, and we really do put in a lot of effort. But at the end of the day we always seem to find equalibrium; i think that's really special. In spite of her sometimes full-on lifestyle, and mine, she is really wonderful to me.

I'm being barely musical at the minute. Just band and some small/unexciting arranging, otherwise not much at all. But honestly I really don't mind for the time being. I feel more relaxed than I have in probably a very long time, I'm starting to read again quite a bit too (thanks to some good books), and I'm really enjoying that. Soccer and yoga in small amounts (around once a week).. i do miss walking and cycling but will probably do more of these both when it is more attractive outside. Meditation and things too are not as prevelant just now... yoga helps a lot though, I love it dearly. I was always one to strive for (metaphysical) balance.

The weather's somewhat cool and the nights do get cold, but the weather worries me. Our winters are currently like a Finnish summer... when i was a kid, it rained significantly here winters were *really* cold. Sure, i'm in the capital now... but still. I worry becuase I believe the weather is already on the upper... of course this gets us thinking about water... and whether we'll have enough again.

Something that I guess Joy and I have been thinking about for a while - but in recent days i've come accross it with more resolve - we are again quietly looking for a new place to live. It's not like we are in a hurry or anything: the situation is currently really good and we are not being kicked out. It may not be for a couple of months - or even around the end of the year - but the rental market is furious so we are just starting to look for a new change in living circumstances.

In two weeks time it'll be anniversary time! A fairly significant one, this one involves beaches and penguins and being the hell away from everyone for a while. =7
mood: mellowmellow
music: thewhitlams - life's a beach
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